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Sapphire Megacart (www.sapphiremegacart.com)  is the website of Sapphire International (Noida, India) and the Authorized Distributor of Autonics India Pvt Ltd (Korea), Delta India Pvt Ltd. We believe in mixing new technology with our experience and help the customer to resolve their different Applications. Sapphire International is technical oriented company and try to support customers to meet their expectation. Sapphire International established in the year 2013 and is emerging as one of the best in developing business entity dealing in the domain of manufacturing & supplying of a wide range of Industrial Automation Products. Our Industrial Automation Product and Services are in a wide demand at many industrial places. Our offered range has been made from some of the most qualitative material that has been procured from the most reliable sources. We have a wide variety to offer as below-


1.       Proximity Sensor 8.       Identification Solution j.         SMPS
a.       Inductive Sensor a.       Vision Inspection System k.       Display Units
b.       Capacitive Sensor b.       Barcode Scanner System l.         Power Controllers
c.       Magnetic Sensor c.       RFID m.     SSR
2.       Photoelectric d.       Hand-Held Scanner 15.   Motion Devices
a.       Diffuse (Proximity) Sensor 9.       Safety Switches a.       Stepper Motor
b.       Retro Reflective Sensor a.       Electro-Mechanical Safety Switches b.       Stepper Motor Drives
c.       Through Beam Sensor b.       Non-Contact Safety Switches c.       Motion Controller
d.       Fiber Optic Sensor c.       Safety Locking Device 16.   Accessories
e.       Detecting Transparent Object 10.   Registration Sensors a.       I/O Terminals
f.        Area Sensor Sensors a.       Contrast Sensor b.       Connector Cables
3.       Encoders b.       Color Sensor c.       I/O Cables
a.       Incremental Encoder c.       Luminescence Sensor d.       Sensor Connector
b.       Absolute Encoder d.       Glare Sensor e.       Other
c.       Wire-Draw Encoder e.       Fork Sensor 17.   Controller Switches
d.       Linear Encoder f.        Array Sensor a.       Push Button Switches
e.       Sine-Cos Encoder g.       Door Side Sensor b.       Selector Switches
f.        Measuring Wheel Encoder 11.   Gas Analyzers c.       Key Selector Switches
g.       Inclination Sensor a.       In-Situ Gas Analyzers d.       Emergency Switches
4.       Magnetic Cylinder Sensor b.       Extractive Gas Analyzers e.       Pilot Light
a.       Reed Switch for T-Slot Cylinder 12.   Dust Measuring Devices 18.   PA Products
b.       Reed Switch for C-Slot Cylinder a.       Scattered Light Dust Measuring Devices a.       Inductors
c.       Position Sensor b.       Transmittance Dust Measuring Devices b.       Recorders
5.       Safety Products 13.   Analyzer Solutions c.       Controllers
a.       Safety Laser Scanner a.       CEMS Solutions d.       Converters
b.       Safety Light Curtain b.       Process Solutions e.       Thyristor Unit
c.       Safety Camera 14.   Controllers 19.   Menics Product
6.       Detection and Ranging Solution a.       Temperature Controller a.       Tower Light
a.       2D Lidar Sensor b.       Field Networks b.       Signal Light
b.       3D Lidar Sensor c.       Counters
c.       Radar Sensor d.       Timers
7.       Fluid Sensor e.       Multi-Panel Meters
a.       Level Sensor f.        Pulse(Rate) Meters
b.       Pressure Sensor g.       Graphic Touch Panels
c.       Flow Sensor h.       Logic Panels
d.       Temperature Sensor i.         Sensor Controllers

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